A full marketing campaign, or just one fantastic poster? MOOD will help your product to market, whatever way works best. We can assist your product launch by producing high end marketing campaign assets for posters, banners and print.

From experience we know every project has unique requirements and processes that work well for the company. We strive to understand this in depth, and fit our processes to yours. That is why we always make a great effort to fully understand the brief given, communicate during development and make sure meetings are booked to align. 


We deliver world class Key Art to be utilised across multiple platforms. This is often the main asset(s) that will communicate the product at its very best. During this process it is important to know the SELLING POINTS of the product, where it will be used and who the target is. We will generate a broad range of ideas that can be tested, before producing the final version.


We will create whatever custom assets needed for your project for every different digital platform.


Custom logos and symbol design. 


We also offer our services when it comes to designing box covers, collector edition units and other unique design items.


Brand guidelines are very important to make sure that all communication to your consumers is clear and coherent. Setting up thorough parameters for brand guidelines, will ensure all visual design work are used with intention and consistency, to avoid any mistakes.