We are proud to have been part of the GOD OF WAR journey, by Sony Santa Monica. Follow Kratos and his son on this amazing story through the Norse world.


creative outsourcing partner

GOD OF WAR brings a unique Norse mythology to the world. MOOD has been a creative partner from the initial start of the project, through production and marketing.

We have assisted with:

World exploration, Environment concepts, Character variation concepts, Hero props and Marketing Licensing material 

Here are some examples of how we captured the Norse atmosphere and narrative set up in the level concept art.

During production we did this concept art piece to set the quality bench mark for the 3d art team working on the specific location.

Sony has done an amazing job in creating a rich world, filled with stories and backstory that make us believe in the world. MOOD has been adding to this cultural pool with Door carvings, tapestries and the story triptychs (Also credit to Artist Jose Cabrera)

The giants old shaft.

A great deal of work has gone into defining and specifying various statue designs, hero props and level specific effects.