Beneath our ordinary world lies a place of eternal eclipse, a place to which all evil creatures have been banished: This is Brimstone.

Brimstone: The Demon Within is a contemporary coming-of-age tale set in a treacherous realm that exists beneath our world. It’s the story of a gifted girl thrust into a wilderness of wonder and terror, where she’s forced to face her deepest fears and grapple with the dangers that lurk within and around her. We’ve teamed up with Hollywood screenwriter Will Simmons to create an epic dark fantasy universe.

Yet another unique cinematic novel from the creators of Fall of Gods.

“When I wake, my head is spinning. I empty my stomach onto the mud below me, and now I see that I’m kneeling at the nexus of some kind of runic formation. Similar to the one I just entered, but partially wrecked. Maybe an exit portal?

A wasteland of marshes extends in every direction. My eyes drift upward where the crescent of an eclipsed sun burns through the mist, like a starlit scythe hun on the horizon. I stare at it, in awe and dread, waiting or the eclipse to pass… but it remains in stasis. As if those two celestial bodies are tethered to one another.”