To get from idea to vision, is a great challenge. In this phase we ask all the essential questions. Let us help you define and focus the vision of your project and assist you, with thoroughly designed key visual material and presentations, that will help you move forward.


Pitching your initial idea and vision in order to attract new partners and/or investors, sometimes requires enhanced presentations with strong and remarkable visuals.

Together we will define the scope of the material and develop the universe around your idea. We will collect everything in a print and powerpoint version, that can be showed to relevant people, with  key art images and text to support the impact. 


As the vision and concept of your project is getting stronger and more partners become involved, a LOOKBOOK, is a great tool for making sure everyone is on board with the basic design principles of the project. This is an in depth exploration of the THE VISION, THE WORLD and the NARRATIVE key moments.



We can assist with storyboards on trailers, cutscenes and commercials. Trailer Definitions for trailer production and VFX work. We can provide a full visual breakdown of the storyboard, clearly communicating the Art Direction, VFX needs and general mood, to make sure that the production team can make a stunning job. 

With our general knowledge of visual storytelling, we help 
communicate the story at its best. We provide this service to evolve cinematics, trailers and storybeats.


Sometimes a presentation requires a set of outstanding pieces of Pitch art, to create the desired impact. The MOOD team will design Pitch art, that perfectly sums up the vision of your project and conveys the feeling of your universe.


For pitching and internal greenlight meetings, we find that an animatic is a really great method to spark even more interest. It requires us to animate the produced key art, add voice over, effects and music. This will give a striking sense of the tone of voice.